See His Face ● Feel His Presence ● Trust His Love

Most people understand that the word church does not simply refer to a building, nor is it simply an event that takes place on Sunday mornings. When the New Testament speaks of church, it’s talking about a living community ―a family of believers who live in relationship with God and with each other.

We each have our individual journey, but God also calls us to a collective journey and to experience His transforming grace through community. You may have heard grace described as “God's unmerited favor”, but it's really much more than that ─it's God's empowering presence!  His empowering presence releases freedom, hope and wholeness into our lives, and becomes a powerful catalyst for change. The reality of this Biblical truth can energize your heart, awaken your spirit, and change your life forever. We believe God’s grace is best experienced in community!

The Call of Temecula Valley is a family of hope-filled believers who love God, love people, and love to see God transform lives. We have a high value for authenticity, love, and humor. We've developed a strong sense of community, and have created an environment where people can experience the presence of God, and encounter the goodness of God in every facet of life.